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Used in the prospecting and mining of heavy Gemstones and Minerals. Saruca is a round, flat screen used to remove mud and dirt from Gemstone and Mineral Ore, and concentrate the remaining material so that the heavy Gemstones or Minerals may be easily extracted.

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Saruca® Gem & Mineral Concentrator has a flat, tight screen. Saruca® is used for prospecting and mining Gemstones and Minerals. Saruca®, Gem & Mineral Concentrator is rugged, and long lasting. Saruca® is hand-built with 16 mesh 304 grade stainless steel screen. Most diamond miners and gold prospector's prefer the tight flat bottom Saruca® due to better control of mining material. Saruca Screen's are great for small gems such as the smallest Arkansas Diamonds or for larger gems & minerals such as Montana Sapphires & North Carolina Rubies. The Saruca® is also great for Gold Prospecting.

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